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The Lost & Rare Trades Fair was established as an artisan lead event to provide a single platform for career artisans and traditional tradespeople to share their skills. People are fascinated when true artisans and talented craftspeople openly demonstrate their incredible skills and share their knowledge of their trade and craft. 

We aim to inspire, to educate and to open the minds of the next generation to demand something made by a real person rather than a machine; to think about sustainability and the longevity of what they buy and use, to excite people to have the confidence to design, make and create something real, crafted by their own hands - and to show them what people can do with practice, passion and knowledge.

The Fair has showcased more than 150 makers, artisans, tradespeople and crafts men and women; some masters of their trade practising their craft for more than 60 years - openly demonstrating and sharing their skills, talent and craftsmanship.The Lost Trades Fair is unique, captivating and possibly one of the most inspiring and authentic shows on earth.   

"Getting hands dirty and making something that is useful to other human beings is, and always will be a thing of rare beauty."

Mark Thomson - Author : Rare Trades, Making things by hand in the digital age.

"one of the most authentic and inspiring events in the country" 
founders message: 

The Lost & Rare Trades Fair was established with a vision to acknowledge and promote fine craftsmanship, lost arts, traditional skills, rare trades and decorative crafts. Our aim is to promote artisans pursuing traditional trades as a career with authenticity and an integrity that validates what they do and acknowledges their dedication to preserving and passing on traditional skills and knowledge. We hope to provide a platform for true career artisans to share their skills and demonstrate their trades to an audience that is genuinely engaged. The Fair as an event promises is to deliver an experience that is authentic and real whilst retaining the integrity on which it was founded.  The Fair exists for artisans, and will continue to celebrate their extraordinary talents, passion and excellence in craftsmanship. We are privileged to have earned the trust and support of the countries finest artisans and have a continued responsibility to deliver an event that is worthy of their skills and dedication to their craft.     

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